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Do you have project? Are you humanitarian minded as well? Be among the first to learn about bank secure private capital raise program opportunities that would enable you to quickly raise DEBT FREE funds for your Business-project. If you have no collateral, we arrange SBLC-BG Bank guarantee. It is divisible, transferable, discountable and tradeable.

Project Financing and Tailored Funding Solutions

We are international financier, trust Consultant of worldwide development prime lending's.We are Specialist of funds, loans, bank guarantees. We are working with large lending's affiliated to a corporate consortium group operators and providers of Bank Financial Instruments. Through this large lending's,Trade group consortium, we can arrange the following services as their trust consultant.

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Lease SBLC, BG Or Cash backed bonds all instruments are cashed backed.  |  Lease Bank ( BG) and discounting / Credit Enhangement   |  Purchase,Discount,Funding,Procedure For Bank Instruments (MTN) (BG)Guarantee   |  Lease BG. T.Bill Bank Instrument Securities.   |  Letter of Intent / Loan or Investment Application.Underwriter for project Finance  |  obtains financial commitments for loans, funds, proof of funds, bank guarantees, letter of credit, standby letter of credit, collateral enhancements, and credit enhancements   |  Our credit enhancement BG-SBLC program is simple and easy  |  Understanding and using L/C -BG -SBLC-SLC- DLC Credit Enhangement  |  Structure Financing,Loan is liquidated automatically after 10 years - No action required from Client.   |   Major Investment Trade Bank Platform (PPP) in the World for Project funding   |  Contract financing,Interest rate: 10 year treasury plus margin of 2.50% - 4.90%   |  Lending-1-term,condition,Arranging the bank guarantees to cover this Premium as Bridge loan Till completion of transaction.We finance all viable projects   |  Financial Banking Services, Enhangement BG,SBLC,Funding for project,PPP,Buy sell, MtNs.facilities.  |  Confidential, Private & Time Sensitive,request only by principal   |  The redemption program for FRN's, FRB's TOV's WELLS FARGO BOX etc is now ready to proceed   |  Lending-1- General info Term-Condition-Procedure,for all viable projects finance funding  |   List n°95 Of available BG-MTN-BOND-Offers first come first serve  |  Several payment version Lease BG–SBLC Credit enhangement   |  Credit Enhangements-Asset Enhangement-Collateral Enhangement  |  KCN - SWIFT Messages   |  Code:411.Debt free Loan- private manage BG,SBLC,loan guarantee & funding,interest,no interest loan  |  Rough Diamonds Purchase Procedures   |  We Buy Gold Au-Procedure ( 2 )  |  Availability of project Financing through Private Placement Programs.  |  Acquisitions Program  |  WWD-FTC-SA4 Institutional Fund  |  WWDFTC-NY1 Lending  |  WWDFTC-SA1 Energy Fund  |  WWDFTC-RI1 Lending Trust  |  WWDFTC-SA2 Equity Capital Fund  |  WWDFTC-SF1 Lender  |  WWDFTC-SA3 Joint Venture Fund  |  WWDFTC-RI2 Joint Venture Trust  |  100% project financing - Hotel, Resort, Casino, Malls, Buildings, Refinaries, Joint Venture High Yield Capital investment Program  |  Collateral First Loan  |  Proof of Fund-Read how we provide funding for a valid PPP-HYIP  |  KCN - Making Contact - Your Online Answering Service  |  KCN - Funds on Screen, Euroclear, Bloomberg  |  KCN - Security Trading Facility  |  KCN - Proof of Financial Capacity  |  KCN - Off Shore Loan Agreement and Funding Facility  |  KCN - Visit the home of The Worldwide Development  |  KCN - Standby Letters of Credit and LCs - Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees  |  KCN - Reserved Cash Funds  |  KCN - KTT - Key Tested Telex  |  KCN - Financial Guarantees and Performance Bonds  |  KCN - Funds on Screen, Euroclear, Bloomberg or settlement through DTC  |  Investment / Grant Facility  |  Issuance of Bank debt instruments Bank Debt Instruments for Credit & Collateral Enhangement   |  Convert Hard asset funding (PPP) insurance wrap financing Projects   |  100% project financing and Private Placement Program, Client is required to have 10% of project cost to keep in his own bank account  |  Funding 10% of loan Cash or Prime bank instruments and Government Guarantee  |  Fund First Loan Program  |  Foreign Currency Exchange Contract  |  Financing Projects with Bankable Assets  |  Contract Financing-100% of the project costs.10 year treasury plus margin of 2.50% - 3.50%   |  Documentary Letter Of Credit DLC-LC -SLC  |  International Project Investor Sponsorship Opportunity  |  Joint Venture Capital Investments Dept Free Loan Program  |  Investment Trade - Buy & Sell of Bank Instruments  |  Asset or cash Trading - Asset Finance  |   90% of Instrument Face Value Funding Against Collateral  |  Lending-5-Dynamic Funding For All Viable Project  |  Sight Letter of Credit  |  Lending-3- P-Venture Capital in Easy Way to Companies That Need Money Urgently  |  Funding for Purchase of MTNs PPP- HYIP  |  Standby Letter of Credit enhangement issued by major world bank  |  JPY Cd Without Swift  |  Structure Financing -100% of the project costs. Loan is liquidated automatically after 10 years.self.liquidation loan  |  Provide, sale of Financial Bank Instruments  |  Profit Participation with the Trust Fund Protocol  |  Major Private Placement Investment Trade programs  |  Petroleum & Derivatives  |  Joint Venture No Repayment Debt free Projects Loans  |  New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder  |  Lending ( 6 ) Capital Secured Investment & project financing Services   |  Nation Wide Commercial Rehab Loan Funding  |  Letter of Credit Against Acceptable Bank Instruments  |  JPY- RMB- HKD-Foreign Currency Exchange Contract  |  Private Organization Enhangement (BG) Issued By Major World Bank  |  Three CD Loan Offers  |  Instrument investment Credit EnhaOur credit enhancement program is simple and easy.ngement program,  |  Lending -2- 100% Project Financing,short info you need service to get finance funding   |  Nationwide Commercial Hard Money / Bridge Loan Funding  |  We buy Gold Au-Gold dust-Silver-Platinum- Procedure (1)  |  Proof of Fund - Funding for Project Finance  |  Funding for Financial Instrument Buy/Sell Transactions   |  Funding Commitment  |  100% project financing Joint Venture Capital Investment Program  |  Set-up Trust Offshore, Authorized Capital Old USA Companies  |  Go public in USA.  |